Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monster Legends Team Zeppelin Wars Help, Problems, Tips

I absolutely cannot believe that I'm here again so soon with yet ANOTHER issue with the cement heads at Social Point.

Is anybody else baffled at how this works?  I mean, I did research the rules when I started a team... they went like this:  First, rebuild the zeppelin.  Next, either start your own team or join one.  Once your team has at least ten members, you can initiate a war with another team.  Then all team members get 24 hours as "preparation day,"  to feed their monsters and add runes if they want.  I think they must have written the in-game rules section in an intentionally confusing way or actually changed the rules a few days in because it seemed like there would be two days of battling with up to five battles per day.  Turns out it's five total... and somehow I "misread" that two days of battle was really only one.  I wonder how that could have happened.  I played my five battles yesterday, won them all.  Got the full 15 points for all three of my monsters surviving in each battle.  My team's "second day" was scheduled to begin around 3:00 this afternoon.  I was really looking forward to getting home from work and finishing my next five battles.  Guess what, I get home and for some reason I still can't figure out, our first war was over and we lost.  And to add to all this retardation, even though a new war was started by our co-leader, I was forced into using monsters I had barely developed.  Social Point just has NO CLUE when it comes to creating events that don't completely piss people off.  I have a number of maxed out monsters which I can use for fighting, with several runes level six, several level five, and several level four.  It's fairly obvious that they set it up this way so people spend gems to move their runes around and I'm not doing that.  I doubt that very many people will.

Okay, so people quit, and I don't blame them because I was leaving as well and disbanding my team.  Maybe if the chicken fuckers at Social Point can pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and make an event that's actually fun to play, sticks to its own rules, and isn't set up to manipulate people into wasting gems, I MIGHT play it again.  For now I'm going to finish whatever days I have left on the current "loyalty reward" then I'm walking away for a few months.  Maybe they'll get it eventually.

This is directly to the team of shitheads at Social Point:  You started by creating a decent game.  You all must have suffered some sort of mass brain damage since then because you've been poisoning the game as I've sat by and watched for the past year.  Check your offices for a gas leak.  You've really lost it.  You suck.  Goodbye, you mother fucking assholes.

Anybody wand to give feedback directly to Social Point, here's the link...

OR you could start a blog like this one and give the whole internet a chance to see how you feel.  Look to the top of this page to start one of your own.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Monster Legends Ancient Egypt Island Help, Problems And Tips

The first thing you should know about these events is that if you're expecting the opening of boxes to find the monster to be fair to the odds, be prepared for disappointment.  Social Point is once again tricking its users into thinking something is fair when it's actually complete bullshit.  Case in point... okay, so you've saved up some tokens and are ready to start choosing boxes.  You open a monster's page and there are your 18 boxes.  You think the monster is in one of those boxes, right?  Wrong.  It's not in ANY box until you've opened TEN boxes.  ONLY THEN do you have the chance of getting the monster.  And the number increases for higher monsters.  A couple of them, you have zero chance at getting the monster until you've opened FOURTEEN boxes.  What makes this even more unfair and deceptive is that when you open a box and fail to get the monster, they actually highlight a box telling you that was where it was "theoretically" hidden... giving the player the impression that there actually WAS a chance of getting it on that turn, which there wasn't.

Okay, I know in the headline I said that I have tips.  There isn't much, considering that Social Point is tricky and deceptive and can't be trusted to be consistent with anything, but a few things you can do are breed very basic monsters using simple elements like earth, fire, and nature.  You should be able to breed monsters that usually only take a few minutes to breed and hatch.  You can also add gold runes to some high level  monsters for boosted gold production. 

Two monsters you can use for quick breeding are firesaur and treezard, which seem to have only two results: greenasaur (which sells for 200) and pandaken (which sells for 2500).  Both take 30 seconds to breed and another 30 to hatch.  You don't get a token every time, it seems to average (at least for me) about one in every 3 tries.  I did it for about 25 minutes and had to stop because the normally docile leeches living in my cerebral cortex were becoming agitated.  So, if you have no life whatsoever, are stuck somewhere with absolutely nothing else to do, or watch a lot of t.v., you can do this to accumulate tokens while your brain slowly leaks out of your ears.

I wouldn't waste time with PVP, they only give one or two and the more trophies you have the more likely you are to be attacked and raided for your gold and food.  Even though I have three level 100 legendaries with runes from 4 to 6, I try to get my trophy numbers as low as possible by intentionally quitting battles and losing trophies.  This is the only solution I've found in lieu of Social Point offering an "opt-out" for the pvp battle section.  I suppose "opting out" wouldn't be recommended even if they offered it because sometimes PVP is necessary to one of their "events."  It's still a good idea to reduce your trophy number unless you've either got the very best monsters in the game or aren't bothered being raided for your supplies.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I've posted this to help inform as many people as possible of the trickery involved in these events.  I only found this out at the very end of the last event, the alien island.  My strategy was to save up all my tokens and wait for the final monster, which I would have really liked to get.  It turned out that I didn't have enough tokens to open all the boxes, but I felt confident in the odds.  Turns out that I didn't have enough tokens to even have any chance at all of getting the monster.  So, in that event, I got no monster at all.  Needless to say, this really pissed me off when I saw the charts on the wiki page.  Here's a link to the wiki page for the Ancient Egypt Island.  Take a close look at all the charts, and you'll likely come to the same conclusion that I did.  The game designers at Social Point are a pack of ass licking douche suckers.

Also, here's a link to the page where you can contact Social Point to give them your opinion or any complaints and suggestions on how they've structured their game.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lost Gems in Ancient World in Dragon City?

See that?  That's Social Point and one of its users.  (By the way, "Social Point" is the company that runs Dragon City and Monster Legends among other things.)  Well, here I am again with another gripe about these assholes.

The first thing you should know, if you're a new player to either Dragon City or Monster Legends, is that the people at Social Point are unscrupulous bastards who spend most of their time trying to think of ways to trick their players out of money and/or the (gems/game currency) they've acquired by playing.  Did this happen to you?  Did you accidentally spend gems you hadn't meant to?  Then you fell right into their trap.  It just happened to me for the second time while I was crafting special gems in the "ancient world."  The first time I lost over a hundred currency gems I didn't know how, but I knew it was while I was playing the "ancient world" section.  After that, I stopped playing that part of the game for almost a year.  I just went back yesterday, started breeding, summoning and crafting again.  As I was crafting the special gems used to summon new dragons, I accidentally spent about 145 currency gems and it was because of the way these shitheads have set the button.  They know exactly what they're doing, people have complained about it, it's all over the forum, and they haven't changed anything.  It's pure greed, and that's what seems to drive these assholes.

So, without going on and on about changes, just know that if this happened to you, A) you're not alone, it's happening to a LOT of people and B) there IS something you can do about it.  First, write to them and tell them that you will NEVER spend one cent ever again on their game, tell them why, but don't expect any response or any changes to be made.  Here's their help page  Also tell them that you'll tell every one of your friends what happened and that they also should think twice before giving these greedheads any money at all.  Post it on your Facebook page.  They seem to thrive on all the attention they can get by bothering their players there, they might as well reap the fruits of their greed there as well.  Tell as many people as you can that these games are set up to trick you into spending game currency.  I'm slightly comforted by knowing that I gave them under 20 bucks about two years ago, but once I saw the greed and trickery I said "Hell no, no more."  The 145 gems I just lost though, that takes a LONG time to save up.  It's safe to say I'm pretty goddamn pissed off right now.

Well, that's it for me and the "ancient world."  It's really sad and pathetic that they feel the need to abuse their players in this way, but that's corporate greed for you.  The only way to have any effect is to hit them in the bank account.  If enough people get angry over this, then maybe they'll listen.  I doubt it, though.  So, until the next thing these morons do to piss me off comes along, I'm out for now.  I hope the 145 currency gems they tricked me out of was worth a blog post like this being prominent on the web.  I hope it's helped anyone else out there who feels ripped off by scumbags.  Hey, want to voice your problems?  Start one of these blogs.  Look near the top of the page.  I joined the Social Point forum before so I could post, but I couldn't find where to post a new message.  Admittedly I'm still seeing red and not thinking clearly so I just came here to post yet another complaint about their greed.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your gem use in the future. 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Masterchef Season 6 Sucks

At least for me it does.  I'm not a chef but I do alright in the kitchen, and I've been a fan of this show since the start.  But that came to an end less than fifteen minutes into the second episode.  First, I think the loss of Joe Bastianich was potentially terminal for the series.  If not, it sure has a deep wound that needs to heal.  He was the edge, the fear factor.  Damnit, he was scarier than Gordon.  He was also incredibly fair, balanced, and well educated in his judgments.  The loss of his experience and character is disastrous.  I don't know right now what caused him to leave, but it's cost the show my viewership and since I'm a pretty average guy, the demographics say that I'm not alone. 

They chose to replace Joe with a woman named Christina Tosi, and I admit my experience with her work only spans season 6 episode one, and about ten minutes into episode two before I shut off the show... I think it was as much as I could have handled.  I don't usually do this, give up so easily on a show I like.  But I knew that I had seen enough.  I admit I'm no chef, I'm not there tasting what they're making, but in such a short span of time I saw her reward people who seemed like they definitely should have lost, based on the appearance of the dishes and the other judges' reactions as they tasted them.  I'll just give a brief synopsis of the straw that broke my back so quickly.  It was a two person competition involving some kind of apple pastry.  All the judges tasted contestant A, and there was no ooohing or aaahing, Gordon himself said it was average or some similar word.  Christina's praise came for the crispiness of the apple tart's crust.  Then on to contestant B, who made something unusual, unique, and fun.  Every one of the judges remarked how tasty and interesting the three pastry balls on a bed of some minced fruit and a strawberry dip were.  The ONLY negative thing said was that Graham called them a bit sweet for his taste.  Now for the vote.  Gordon, clearly impressed with contestant B, voted her.  Graham probably favored contestant B, but if he had voted B, there would have been no drama.  Graham voted A.  Now for the new girl, who should have known if she'd ever watched the show before, her job was to vote B simply based on the judges' reactions.  Whether she went temporarily insane, has a thing for Indian girls, or is just plain stupid, I don't know.  What I do know is that this pisspoor decision to vote "A" probably lost more viewers than just me, and she's only going to make more of them as the show goes on.

In my humble opinion, Christina Tosi is all wrong for Masterchef.  I'm sure her addition isn't going to cripple the show, but it's going to hurt it.  A lot.  All I can say is that I hope there's another change next year and if so, I'll give it another chance. 

Miss ya, buddy...

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monster Legends: Don't like PVP? Want to opt out of PVP?

Are you ready to quit playing Monster Legends because of the way they've set up the battles, especially the PVP section?  You're not alone.  I've looked into several forums and most people's opinions are that they'd be happier playing the game without having gold and food stolen from them.  These comments go back to early 2013 at least as far as I went looking.  Obviously the shitheads at Social Point have no intention of changing this to make their players happy.

I wrote to them recently and suggested that they simply initiate an opt-in or opt-out for the PVP battle section.  Seems like they couldn't care less.  Maybe they think people would abuse it, opt-in for only the time they're attacking then opt back out.  Simple.  Make it free to opt-out, then 100 gems if you change your mind and want back in.

I admit that I played the PVP when I first started the game, I didn't know that the resources I was winning were actually being taken out of someone's supply.  As soon as I got my first notification that I had been attacked, I stopped.  I don't want my supplies stolen, and even when I defend against an attack, it puts me off.  I just want to build my little world without anyone bothering me, and that's an attitude I found prevalent in various sites I found.

My defense to this had been to keep my gold and food down to as close to zero as I could, but the bigger my world gets it gets expensive and requires saving up both gold and food.  I stopped my close to zero thing after I wrote to them, and for about a week I thought they had done something as when I checked my PVP section, my trophy number had been changed back to zero.  That must have been a glitch, because today I saw that I'd been attacked three times in the last two days.  So, that was it for me.  Yeah by the way, I'm not spending gems to keep a constant shield up.  Cheap fucking douchebags, in my humble opinion.  Set something up that makes people mad, and offer a shield for a price.

So I give these brainless scumbags a 50/50 chance of eventually bowing to popular opinion and changing the PVP section to be something one can choose not to play.  Therefore, since their loyalty reward is currently giving away the Hellberus, (sp) then I suppose I'll keep my gold at zero, food at zero, and just stop in for three seconds a day to claim the puzzle piece.  There's a chance they'll make the changes, and I don't want to lose my progress, but I'm done playing it for now.  Maybe these shitheads will eventually get their act together and realize that it's counterproductive to piss off half your players.

Please add your voice if this or something else bugs you abut this game.  It does look like it has potential, but I'm pretty sure nobody plays a game to get pissed off.  Here's a link to Social Point's help/contact page.

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