Sunday, October 4, 2015

Official Warning From The Neopets Team Neopets Will Probably Be Shut Down

Jumpstart, the company that bought Neopets a while back, has been doing such an abysmal job at running the game site that it's very likely it won't last much longer.  Yes, Nepets may actually be shutting down, closing forever.  Neopets has been mishandled in the past, but never so badly as it's being run right now.  In fact, it seems like all they know how to do is lose players.  Where there were once hundreds of thousands of players, last time I saw their counter showing the number of players it was in the 4 digits.  They've since removed the counter, presumably to avoid embarrassment.  There hasn't been an "event" in almost a year, where there used to be something happening almost non-stop.  Since the first thing they did after buying the site was to fire almost the entire creative staff, this isn't surprising. 

One thing they're still very good at, however, is throwing around warnings and threatening to freeze accounts over the smallest, and sometimes even no infraction.  People in glass houses, Jumpstart.  You really want to piss off the handful of players you have left?  If you're new to the game and got one of these warnings and are reading this, take my advice and leave now.  You're not going to be missing much except more lame warnings for having done nothing, and there's nothing they're going to change about the game to make it worth your while.

The only thing I've seen Jumpstart do is make this site worse.  I started playing a VERY long time ago, and I do very little there now.  There are a few tricks I've learned over the years for making neopoints, and all I ever do is stop by once in a while to do them, and every 28 days put my pets back in the lodge so I don't have to waste time feeding them.  The games get old, fast, and Jumpstart doesn't seem to see the very simple fact that they need new content to bring in and hold onto new players, and to keep the older players from doing what I'm doing right now. 

"Official Warning" my ass.  FUCK YOU, Jumpstart.  Here's what your "Official Warning" got you.  I'll be happy to post something that says you're the lamest thing the game of Neopets has seen in its entire history any time you feel like fucking with me for no reason.  Have a nice fucking day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monster Legends Team Zeppelin Cheated out of Battle by Page Load Error

I swear I should have titled this blog "why Social Point and Monster Legends SUCK ASS."  Those shit brained, fuck faced, ball breakin' duck fuckin' pains in the ass have struck again.  If I were you, I'd quit the game now.  Luckily I am me so I'm quitting as soon as I hand off leader of my team to someone else. 

So have YOU been playing Monster Legends, Team Zeppelin and lost a battle you didn't even get the chance to play because it didn't even load then gave you the "ERROR" message?  Maybe they just don't care to make a game run right.  I have solid wifi connections where I play, and ever since they started with this war nonsense it seems like the game crashes every ten or fifteen minutes.  Every time I try to post something to my team chat room I have to type it out three or four times because there's a "connection error."  I just lost a battle today to an enemy with less than half my strength, and it was their number three player!  I had beaten their #1 and #2 easily, all 3 of my monsters barely a scratch.  Can you imagine how infuriating that is, especially when we're losing due to lack of effort by my team?  This is a team we should have beaten, easily.

Another thing that makes no sense to me is that I see weak members of my team being attacked many more that the five times you would think is fair.  The most I've seen so far (in three wars) is someone who's had 9 defenses.  What the FUCK sense does this make?  The reason I attack the top five enemies is because, as the strongest on my team, it's my obligation to do that.  I understood that I'd be taking attacks away from weaker players if I attacked below my level of enemy peers.  Guess I was wrong about that too, and lost when I could have won.

The next thing that makes me wonder what is broken in some people's heads is WHY THE FUCK JOIN A TEAM IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO PARTICIPATE?  Seriously a THIRD of my team or more doesn't attack at all, and another third doesn't understand they get FIVE battles. 

So there you have it, the three strikes.  The chat feature causes a lag that fucks up page loading.  The war game itself has issues that cause lags and fucks up page loading which rips you off of battle credits, and is absolutely unfair in allowing weaker members to be attacked many more than 5 times.  And the jackoffs who just don't participate. 

Social Point has some good ideas with their games, they just don't seem to know or care when they're unfair, annoying, or simply too glitchy for people to enjoy.  This is why you're better off with a gun to your head than playing anything put out by Social Point.

Social Point,  FUCK YOU.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monster Legends Team Zeppelin Wars Help, Problems, Tips

I absolutely cannot believe that I'm here again so soon with yet ANOTHER issue with the cement heads at Social Point.

Is anybody else baffled at how this works?  I mean, I did research the rules when I started a team... they went like this:  First, rebuild the zeppelin.  Next, either start your own team or join one.  Once your team has at least ten members, you can initiate a war with another team.  Then all team members get 24 hours as "preparation day,"  to feed their monsters and add runes if they want.  I think they must have written the in-game rules section in an intentionally confusing way or actually changed the rules a few days in because it seemed like there would be two days of battling with up to five battles per day.  Turns out it's five total... and somehow I "misread" that two days of battle was really only one.  I wonder how that could have happened.  I played my five battles yesterday, won them all.  Got the full 15 points for all three of my monsters surviving in each battle.  My team's "second day" was scheduled to begin around 3:00 this afternoon.  I was really looking forward to getting home from work and finishing my next five battles.  Guess what, I get home and for some reason I still can't figure out, our first war was over and we lost.  And to add to all this retardation, even though a new war was started by our co-leader, I was forced into using monsters I had barely developed.  Social Point just has NO CLUE when it comes to creating events that don't completely piss people off.  I have a number of maxed out monsters which I can use for fighting, with several runes level six, several level five, and several level four.  It's fairly obvious that they set it up this way so people spend gems to move their runes around and I'm not doing that.  I doubt that very many people will.

Okay, so people quit, and I don't blame them because I was leaving as well and disbanding my team.  Maybe if the chicken fuckers at Social Point can pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and make an event that's actually fun to play, sticks to its own rules, and isn't set up to manipulate people into wasting gems, I MIGHT play it again.  For now I'm going to finish whatever days I have left on the current "loyalty reward" then I'm walking away for a few months.  Maybe they'll get it eventually.

This is directly to the team of shitheads at Social Point:  You started by creating a decent game.  You all must have suffered some sort of mass brain damage since then because you've been poisoning the game as I've sat by and watched for the past year.  Check your offices for a gas leak.  You've really lost it.  You suck.  Goodbye, you mother fucking assholes.

Anybody wand to give feedback directly to Social Point, here's the link...

OR you could start a blog like this one and give the whole internet a chance to see how you feel.  Look to the top of this page to start one of your own.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Monster Legends Ancient Egypt Island Help, Problems And Tips

The first thing you should know about these events is that if you're expecting the opening of boxes to find the monster to be fair to the odds, be prepared for disappointment.  Social Point is once again tricking its users into thinking something is fair when it's actually complete bullshit.  Case in point... okay, so you've saved up some tokens and are ready to start choosing boxes.  You open a monster's page and there are your 18 boxes.  You think the monster is in one of those boxes, right?  Wrong.  It's not in ANY box until you've opened TEN boxes.  ONLY THEN do you have the chance of getting the monster.  And the number increases for higher monsters.  A couple of them, you have zero chance at getting the monster until you've opened FOURTEEN boxes.  What makes this even more unfair and deceptive is that when you open a box and fail to get the monster, they actually highlight a box telling you that was where it was "theoretically" hidden... giving the player the impression that there actually WAS a chance of getting it on that turn, which there wasn't.

Okay, I know in the headline I said that I have tips.  There isn't much, considering that Social Point is tricky and deceptive and can't be trusted to be consistent with anything, but a few things you can do are breed very basic monsters using simple elements like earth, fire, and nature.  You should be able to breed monsters that usually only take a few minutes to breed and hatch.  You can also add gold runes to some high level  monsters for boosted gold production. 

Two monsters you can use for quick breeding are firesaur and treezard, which seem to have only two results: greenasaur (which sells for 200) and pandaken (which sells for 2500).  Both take 30 seconds to breed and another 30 to hatch.  You don't get a token every time, it seems to average (at least for me) about one in every 3 tries.  I did it for about 25 minutes and had to stop because the normally docile leeches living in my cerebral cortex were becoming agitated.  So, if you have no life whatsoever, are stuck somewhere with absolutely nothing else to do, or watch a lot of t.v., you can do this to accumulate tokens while your brain slowly leaks out of your ears.

I wouldn't waste time with PVP, they only give one or two and the more trophies you have the more likely you are to be attacked and raided for your gold and food.  Even though I have three level 100 legendaries with runes from 4 to 6, I try to get my trophy numbers as low as possible by intentionally quitting battles and losing trophies.  This is the only solution I've found in lieu of Social Point offering an "opt-out" for the pvp battle section.  I suppose "opting out" wouldn't be recommended even if they offered it because sometimes PVP is necessary to one of their "events."  It's still a good idea to reduce your trophy number unless you've either got the very best monsters in the game or aren't bothered being raided for your supplies.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I've posted this to help inform as many people as possible of the trickery involved in these events.  I only found this out at the very end of the last event, the alien island.  My strategy was to save up all my tokens and wait for the final monster, which I would have really liked to get.  It turned out that I didn't have enough tokens to open all the boxes, but I felt confident in the odds.  Turns out that I didn't have enough tokens to even have any chance at all of getting the monster.  So, in that event, I got no monster at all.  Needless to say, this really pissed me off when I saw the charts on the wiki page.  Here's a link to the wiki page for the Ancient Egypt Island.  Take a close look at all the charts, and you'll likely come to the same conclusion that I did.  The game designers at Social Point are a pack of ass licking douche suckers.

Also, here's a link to the page where you can contact Social Point to give them your opinion or any complaints and suggestions on how they've structured their game.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lost Gems in Ancient World in Dragon City?

See that?  That's Social Point and one of its users.  (By the way, "Social Point" is the company that runs Dragon City and Monster Legends among other things.)  Well, here I am again with another gripe about these assholes.

The first thing you should know, if you're a new player to either Dragon City or Monster Legends, is that the people at Social Point are unscrupulous bastards who spend most of their time trying to think of ways to trick their players out of money and/or the (gems/game currency) they've acquired by playing.  Did this happen to you?  Did you accidentally spend gems you hadn't meant to?  Then you fell right into their trap.  It just happened to me for the second time while I was crafting special gems in the "ancient world."  The first time I lost over a hundred currency gems I didn't know how, but I knew it was while I was playing the "ancient world" section.  After that, I stopped playing that part of the game for almost a year.  I just went back yesterday, started breeding, summoning and crafting again.  As I was crafting the special gems used to summon new dragons, I accidentally spent about 145 currency gems and it was because of the way these shitheads have set the button.  They know exactly what they're doing, people have complained about it, it's all over the forum, and they haven't changed anything.  It's pure greed, and that's what seems to drive these assholes.

So, without going on and on about changes, just know that if this happened to you, A) you're not alone, it's happening to a LOT of people and B) there IS something you can do about it.  First, write to them and tell them that you will NEVER spend one cent ever again on their game, tell them why, but don't expect any response or any changes to be made.  Here's their help page  Also tell them that you'll tell every one of your friends what happened and that they also should think twice before giving these greedheads any money at all.  Post it on your Facebook page.  They seem to thrive on all the attention they can get by bothering their players there, they might as well reap the fruits of their greed there as well.  Tell as many people as you can that these games are set up to trick you into spending game currency.  I'm slightly comforted by knowing that I gave them under 20 bucks about two years ago, but once I saw the greed and trickery I said "Hell no, no more."  The 145 gems I just lost though, that takes a LONG time to save up.  It's safe to say I'm pretty goddamn pissed off right now.

Well, that's it for me and the "ancient world."  It's really sad and pathetic that they feel the need to abuse their players in this way, but that's corporate greed for you.  The only way to have any effect is to hit them in the bank account.  If enough people get angry over this, then maybe they'll listen.  I doubt it, though.  So, until the next thing these morons do to piss me off comes along, I'm out for now.  I hope the 145 currency gems they tricked me out of was worth a blog post like this being prominent on the web.  I hope it's helped anyone else out there who feels ripped off by scumbags.  Hey, want to voice your problems?  Start one of these blogs.  Look near the top of the page.  I joined the Social Point forum before so I could post, but I couldn't find where to post a new message.  Admittedly I'm still seeing red and not thinking clearly so I just came here to post yet another complaint about their greed.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your gem use in the future. 

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