Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Masterchef Season 6 Sucks

At least for me it does.  I'm not a chef but I do alright in the kitchen, and I've been a fan of this show since the start.  But that came to an end less than fifteen minutes into the second episode.  First, I think the loss of Joe Bastianich was potentially terminal for the series.  If not, it sure has a deep wound that needs to heal.  He was the edge, the fear factor.  Damnit, he was scarier than Gordon.  He was also incredibly fair, balanced, and well educated in his judgments.  The loss of his experience and character is disastrous.  I don't know right now what caused him to leave, but it's cost the show my viewership and since I'm a pretty average guy, the demographics say that I'm not alone. 

They chose to replace Joe with a woman named Christina Tosi, and I admit my experience with her work only spans season 6 episode one, and about ten minutes into episode two before I shut off the show... I think it was as much as I could have handled.  I don't usually do this, give up so easily on a show I like.  But I knew that I had seen enough.  I admit I'm no chef, I'm not there tasting what they're making, but in such a short span of time I saw her reward people who seemed like they definitely should have lost, based on the appearance of the dishes and the other judges' reactions as they tasted them.  I'll just give a brief synopsis of the straw that broke my back so quickly.  It was a two person competition involving some kind of apple pastry.  All the judges tasted contestant A, and there was no ooohing or aaahing, Gordon himself said it was average or some similar word.  Christina's praise came for the crispiness of the apple tart's crust.  Then on to contestant B, who made something unusual, unique, and fun.  Every one of the judges remarked how tasty and interesting the three pastry balls on a bed of some minced fruit and a strawberry dip were.  The ONLY negative thing said was that Graham called them a bit sweet for his taste.  Now for the vote.  Gordon, clearly impressed with contestant B, voted her.  Graham probably favored contestant B, but if he had voted B, there would have been no drama.  Graham voted A.  Now for the new girl, who should have known if she'd ever watched the show before, her job was to vote B simply based on the judges' reactions.  Whether she went temporarily insane, has a thing for Indian girls, or is just plain stupid, I don't know.  What I do know is that this pisspoor decision to vote "A" probably lost more viewers than just me, and she's only going to make more of them as the show goes on.

In my humble opinion, Christina Tosi is all wrong for Masterchef.  I'm sure her addition isn't going to cripple the show, but it's going to hurt it.  A lot.  All I can say is that I hope there's another change next year and if so, I'll give it another chance. 

Miss ya, buddy...

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monster Legends: Don't like PVP? Want to opt out of PVP?

Are you ready to quit playing Monster Legends because of the way they've set up the battles, especially the PVP section?  You're not alone.  I've looked into several forums and most people's opinions are that they'd be happier playing the game without having gold and food stolen from them.  These comments go back to early 2013 at least as far as I went looking.  Obviously the shitheads at Social Point have no intention of changing this to make their players happy.

I wrote to them recently and suggested that they simply initiate an opt-in or opt-out for the PVP battle section.  Seems like they couldn't care less.  Maybe they think people would abuse it, opt-in for only the time they're attacking then opt back out.  Simple.  Make it free to opt-out, then 100 gems if you change your mind and want back in.

I admit that I played the PVP when I first started the game, I didn't know that the resources I was winning were actually being taken out of someone's supply.  As soon as I got my first notification that I had been attacked, I stopped.  I don't want my supplies stolen, and even when I defend against an attack, it puts me off.  I just want to build my little world without anyone bothering me, and that's an attitude I found prevalent in various sites I found.

My defense to this had been to keep my gold and food down to as close to zero as I could, but the bigger my world gets it gets expensive and requires saving up both gold and food.  I stopped my close to zero thing after I wrote to them, and for about a week I thought they had done something as when I checked my PVP section, my trophy number had been changed back to zero.  That must have been a glitch, because today I saw that I'd been attacked three times in the last two days.  So, that was it for me.  Yeah by the way, I'm not spending gems to keep a constant shield up.  Cheap fucking douchebags, in my humble opinion.  Set something up that makes people mad, and offer a shield for a price.

So I give these brainless scumbags a 50/50 chance of eventually bowing to popular opinion and changing the PVP section to be something one can choose not to play.  Therefore, since their loyalty reward is currently giving away the Hellberus, (sp) then I suppose I'll keep my gold at zero, food at zero, and just stop in for three seconds a day to claim the puzzle piece.  There's a chance they'll make the changes, and I don't want to lose my progress, but I'm done playing it for now.  Maybe these shitheads will eventually get their act together and realize that it's counterproductive to piss off half your players.

Please add your voice if this or something else bugs you abut this game.  It does look like it has potential, but I'm pretty sure nobody plays a game to get pissed off.  Here's a link to Social Point's help/contact page.  http://support.socialpoint.es/games/monster-legends/

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dragon City Event Breeding Glitch And Christmas Island Turkey Glitch Update at Bottom

Dragon City Egypt Island event breeding, Pirate Island event breeding, other special event breeding problems are not a glitch.  Not getting credit for breeding?  You think Social Point is "working on a fix"?  They're not.  I'm only posting this because I see almost nothing when I search these problems to make me think it's anything but a scam.

I started playing this game almost a year ago because it showed up on Facebook and I tried it, found it fairly entertaining and addictive in small doses.  What I didn't realize at the time is that while Social Point may come up with somewhat entertaining games, I soon discovered that in the entire history of the planet Earth there has never, ever been a group of people more greedy and annoying than they have shown themselves to be.  Unfortunately I didn't realize this until I had developed quite an advanced community of dragons, habitats, and other buildings.  Funny thing, they know they're annoying and don't care one bit.  They start by announcing every single move you make in the game, and send requests to your friends on your behalf without your knowledge.  Even after I discovered this, and adjusted my Facebook privacy settings, they found a way around this and continued to drive my friends crazy with requests.  One would think that after six months, they'd give the player the option of checking a box that says "My friends have been harassed for six months, and any of them that were going to play this game would have already started playing, those that aren't interested aren't about to become interested, so please opt me out of friend requests.  But no.

Now on to the scam in the special Island Events regarding breeding.  I've seen this in every event I've played, and I've searched for an online answer.  I've sent two requests directly to Social Point and gotten no answer.  I still see people on a rare forum here and there desperately trying to figure out the right combinations of dragons, what tricks might be involved in getting credit for breeding.  Guess what?  The only conclusion is that it's absolutely random, and they are intentionally making this LOOK like a glitch so people will use gems at the end when they haven't gotten enough breeding credits.  Just yesterday I was playing on my tablet, (WAY preferable to playing on Facebook, they don't bug your friends and when there's an event, you don't have to send invitations or gifts) and I hatched an egg.  I got the ankh symbol, I thought cool, since they come rarely.  Just then my game glitched and I had to reload the game.  I came back to the same egg, unhatched.  This time I did NOT get the ankh.  That was the end for me.

I've officially given up on participating in these events.  I can't play them on Facebook anyway, I have no friends playing the game so I have no one who's interested in an invitation and no one to send gifts to.  But the fact that they're pulling this shit on the android, that really pisses me off.  These suckholes have elevated greed to a new, very unpleasant level.  I understand that people buying gems is how they make money, but to corrupt a fun little game with this cheap punk ass crap is unacceptable.  I've gone to them with a highly abbreviated version of what I've said here, and I suggest that every one of you who reads this do the same.  Let them know they've made it obvious that it's not a glitch and they've made their shameless greed totally apparent.  Thanks!

Christmas Island Turkey/Feeding "glitch"...
Well, here we go again. (This post exists, click 2014 at the left)  Sure enough, here's another event and once again, the ass rapists at Social Point have trashed any sense of FUN by including a section that doesn't work, and are hoping everyone thinks it's just a "glitch" in the game.  People, at this point it should be obvious that they do this on purpose to make people spend gems.  I'm only writing this for those who still think it's some sort of accident.  Today I spent 420,000 food units to give a level 33 dragon ONE meal.  I was wondering how many turkey credits I was going to get for that.  Went to Christmas Island to check, and guess how many?  ZERO.  Ok, I thought maybe I have to level up a dragon.  I raised a legendary dragon from 12 to 13.  Result?  ZERO turkey.  If I had any reason to believe that this is anything but a scam to force people to spend gems, I might just use some gems once in a while in events like this.  But as obvious as it is that this is just the Social Point retards being greedy and ruining the game, I absolutely refuse to spend even one gem on the event and I hope that everyone who reads this not only does the same, but write to them and tell them that they're a bunch of assholes!  Here's the link for their support site.  Just click your operating platform and "didn't find my answer" at the bottom.  Tell them what you think, and don't spend those gems!  http://support.socialpoint.es/games/dragon-city/

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WHY did The Big Bang Theory cut Penny's hair to look like Miley Cyrus?

It seems that the producers of The Big Bang Theory have lost their "Beautiful Minds".  I tuned in, excited to see season 8, and what did I see?  Penny has cut her hair and now looks almost exactly like Miley Cyrus.  She looks terrible.  For seven years I had nothing but respect for what I considered to be one of the most entertaining comedies ever.  Last night, they flushed that straight down the toilet by turning the sweet, kinda ditzy hot chick into a cheap knockoff of a cheap teen idol, and added insult to injury by forcing her into a role she's clearly not fit to play, a high end pharmaceutical rep. 

I'm not going to spend much time here going over what the majority of the world's population already knows, that Miley Cyrus is a poor excuse for entertainment.  Trampy, vulgar, and cheap is nothing to aspire to, and in my opinion the producers have shot themselves in the foot by giving Penny this nearly identical look.

Why on earth they felt this was a necessary change to a show that was clearly on a very popular roll is beyond me.  I'm on a mission to let as many people know about this MISTAKE as I can, and pretty much the only reason I'm going to keep watching is so I can list the advertisers and first email them, then boycott them.  I suggest as many people as possible do the same.  The producers' decision to do this has completely undermined my confidence in them delivering any kind of future that perpetuates their past success.  Given the option of this or having the series end last season, I'd choose having it end.  I'll give them three more episodes to compile my list of advertisers and to see if they may actually turn things around so the show makes more sense.  If they don't, then unfortunately I'm done with the series, and that's a huge bummer because I really loved this show.  Until last night.

THIS is Penny.  THIS is the girl across the hall we've all enjoyed watching for seven years.  THIS IS WHAT I (and I'm sure a lot more of you out there) WANT BACK!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dragon City bothers my friends on Facebook

Has this happened to you?  They won't stop either, even after I researched how to stop it from happening.  Dragon City is completely annoying to my friends on Facebook.  I went into Facebook settings, found the app, and edited it to "seen only by me".  I still have friends telling me they're receiving invites, sent items from me, pretty much everything I was trying to avoid by telling those douche suckers at Facebook that I don't want my friends bothered.  They've even been using slick tricks to get me to click a popup I'm not even sure what it is.  It only happens when I'm collecting stored up gold, rapidly clicking the gold bars in quick succession.  By the time I see it, I've already clicked it.  It's cheap punk-ass crap like that which should make you think twice about installing it in the first place, and should make the decision to bag them much easier.  It did for me.

That's not the only thing.  The Deus daily bonus game is fixed, basically they're cheating when they use the word "shuffle".  Typically shuffle means to randomize a group of things.  Stacking the deck has always been considered cheating, and in the old west it could get you killed.  If you haven't seen it, it's three rows of three cards.  Nine total.  You click "shuffle" and it shows an animation of the cards switching around.  Then you pick one.  There are nine prizes total, seven prizes of food or gold, of various fairly insignificant amounts.  There are two prizes that I consider the ones worth getting, but one is pretty big.  Fifty gems.  The second big prize is a pretty cool meteor dragon.  I played this for a couple days before I realized that instead of randomly clicking a card, I should let the big prizes come to me.  Assuming it's TRULY RANDOM, I started just clicking the center card every time.  A month later, after having not received either of the top two prizes, I did a few test runs myself with bottle caps.  On one I drew a gem, another I drew a dragon.  I added seven blanks, and proceeded to do two runs of thirty tries, a run of thirty representing a month.  One, I got the gems three times and the dragon twice, the other was dragon three and gems twice.  In five months I've gotten the gems once and the dragon twice.  I wrote to them and asked whatup, BITCHES?  No response of course.  Tell you what, I'm mad as hell and...
The last straw came on the game I'm playing on my android tablet.  Every once in a while there are these special battle events where you can get a special cool habitat and three specialty dragons.  It's timed, and believe me, time is of the essence.  In the parts where battle occurs, they pit you against an A.I. (artificial intelligence) opponent, and there are a string of dragons you have to defeat to advance.  To keep things fair, so that people with uber strong dragons aren't at an advantage over very low level players, whatever dragon you pick for a fight, your opponent will have the same strength.  It's more about using the right attacks.  However, without getting too complicated, there are times when you just have to fight an even battle.  It's really all about who goes first who wins at these points.  Well, I'm sure most of us would agree that the user and the opponent trade going first.  Guess what?  These MENTAL DEFECTIVES who designed the game allow for the opponent to go first several times in a row at random intervals.  True, sometimes we do trade turns each time, but it seems with harder dragons they've deemed it necessary to turn fairness and equality into blood boiling rage when I have to wait two hours between fights just to see my opponent win once again because he went first for the fourth time in a row.  When time is of the essence, this will make your brain heat up and start bubbling to the point where you can actually hear your synapses snapping.  I've sent my second (and last) email to the game developers to address this and to those knuckle dragging, brainless chimps I say "IF THAT'S YOUR BEST, YOUR BEST WON'T DO!!!"
This is what the game developers see in the mirror every morning.  All I can say in conclusion is that this is an exercise in management and patience, kind of a simple version of Sim City.  For me, it's not about cute dragons but building something from nothing.  What this shouldn't have to be is an exercise in tolerance of unfairness.  Taking turns is basic to gaming, has been since we were kids.  Shuffling cards means completely randomizing them.  And sweet creeping Jesus, when the player edits the game to be private, for the love of all that's holy people, LET THE FUCKING PLAYER BE PRIVATE AND LEAVE THEIR FRIENDS ALONE!  Dragon city sucks!!!