Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Game of Thrones, House Stark Drawing

Yet another show where I binge watched while doing drawings of it.  First Breaking Bad, then The Sopranos, now this.  It's tough to go from watching as many episodes in a row as I want to having to wait week by week like some kind of animal.  Now we have to wait for the next season.  This is ridiculous.

The client is undecided on what he wants next.  I've suggested a collage of "the badasses",  here's a photoshop rough draft of that.
He's thinking more along "family" lines, and wants to wait to see how things continue to develop which means some down time, at least on the commission end.  I think I might just draw the badasses anyway, and I need to do another Walking Dead piece to cover some main characters that weren't in the first one.

Here's the Stark piece in a nice mat and frame.  My tablet takes crappy pictures indoors, I should have used my camera.  Bummer.  Still, it came out awesome when done.  The frame is rough, cold looking wood, with dark grays and in the grain, an almost ice blue.  Light blue mat over dark gray.
I have a smaller piece with Daenerys and Drogo half done.  Maybe I'll finish that up this weekend and post it. 

By the way, I just started printing posters of the two Game of Thrones pieces I've done, as well as The Walking Dead piece.  They're on ebay, my store is chuckd_art and you should be able to find the others by searching like "Game of Thrones Stark Poster".  The Walking Dead original is there as well, also a nice topless babe in jeans.   Thanks in advance for your purchase!  :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Malaysia Flight 370

I guess it's time I weighed in on this thing.  I'm going to start with "I have no idea where it is and am not going to speculate."  I do, however, have a few issues with how it's being handled.  First of all, Malaysia's PM needs to be slapped into consciousness and maybe he can be of some help in all of this.  Second, I'm going to get into why I don't accept that an airliner can just disappear.  You may disagree with me now, but read on.

I'm certainly not a high tech computer whiz, but I know something of today's technology.  I know we have the ability to sense when a car goes into a ditch.  OnStar will immediately ask how you are and dispatch an ambulance.  I don't know if this is cell towers or satellite, but it doesn't matter.  It's probably satellite, and check them out...
That's just the close ones.  They go out quite a ways.  I don't have an I-Phone but I know if it's lost or stolen, it can be tracked and located at least up to the point at which it was reprogrammed.  I saw someone arrogantly attempt to insult someone on a news board the other day, someone who said "Nothing, especially an airliner, should be unfindable". I tend to agree.  Anyone who says "Ok, lose your I-Phone in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and see how easy it is to find",  I say take a look at what scientific research is doing and you should have been making this a part of your business since it was invented.  I think we're already implanting our children with GPS locators, and I bet if they were somewhere in the Indian Ocean, they'd be found.  Just like anything else, large or small. 

A year or so ago I saw this article on a particular great white shark, Mary Lee.  I added the app to my android.  It tracks this shark's (and a lot of other sharks) every movement.  It's a tag about six inches long that gets stuck by the dorsal fin.  Just for the heck of it I've been following this shark.  Any reason why EVERY jet on the planet can't have a little transponder like this thing we stick into the backs of sharks?  REALLY?!
Click on any image to get the full size.  I really don't think that anything should be unfindable on this planet considering how many satellites are out there watching what's going on.  I think the only way any "wreckage" from this plane will be visible if it crashed into the ocean.  There's a chance the pilot landed it softly, and the plane sunk in pretty much one piece.  In that case, we'll never know, at least not in this lifetime.  Some day we'll map the entire ocean floor and find it, but that's a long time off.  Either that or it flew into enemy hands, seen by northern radar, but they'll never tell us.  Do this a few times and watch how it affects worldwide plane travel. 

All these things considered, I come back to the fact that if we can track Cadillacs, I-Phones and sharks, then why not passenger jets?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Game of Thrones, House Lannister Drawing

Here's the first of probably five Game of Thrones family portrait collages I've been commissioned to draw.  I've only just started watching them, I was thinking it's a cross between Lord of the Rings and a porn film.  My friend told me that everything on HBO is crossed with a porn film.  LMAO.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the episodes and drawing the rest of the families.

Update 3/20
Here it is very nicely framed-
Click it to see it bigger.  The frame is one of a whole new series of hip, edgy stuff.  A little expensive but well worth it for the right look.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Walking Dead Drawing

Here's a five in one at 18" X 24".  I've wanted to do a Walking Dead for a while, and I just got the chance.  I think this one justifies me getting my prices back in the respectable zone.  I can't be making around minimum wage time-wise on the portraits I just did recently.  I think this is a nice piece and I'm not chumping out on the price.  You hear that, world?  FUCK OFF!!!  I don't give the furry crack of a flyin' rat's ass if I never sell anything else, I ain't selling ultra cheap. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Breaking Bad and Sopranos Portraits

Well, Walter White is dead and Jesse Pinkman is headed off to who knows where.  It was a great ending to a great show.  I wish I had gotten into it sooner, I may have been drawing these portraits for years and making nice side cash.  These have been hugely popular in the past couple months.  I sold a few singles then I was commissioned to do this set of six Breaking Bad, and the same client now has me on nine Sopranos actors.  You can click these pics to see more detail.

I'm working on the fourth, fifth and sixth Sopranos pieces now for the next triple.  I get one, sometimes two portraits done in a week.  It's funny, my whole life I declined portrait work.  I need the finished result to be very very close for me to be happy with my work, and for me at least, I need to use this particular technique on very textured paper to be able to do it without getting too frustrated.  In the past I think I didn't realize that the size I'm working at and the texture were much of what makes it possible.

I think if I'm not commissioned for anything new after The Sopranos, I might do a nice set of The Walking Dead people.

Updated 12/10/13
Here's the second triple with Christopher, Junior, and Bobby.
And the third and final Sopranos piece featuring a few bad guys, Phil Leotardo, Johnny Sack, and Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero.
I'm being commissioned to do some larger, single piece collages for Game of Thrones next.  Each family or clan will have about five portraits involved.  I haven't seen the show yet but I suppose I'll have to get on that so I know who I'm drawing.  I was glad to have finally gotten around to seeing The Sopranos.  It was good, a lot of whackings, but I thought at times it could have been a little edgier.  I binge watched this show also, like I did with Breaking Bad.  Looks like Game of Thrones is next.  There was nothing in any of my art classes about any of this miniseries crap.  LMAO.